Camp Fire at Night
Picnic by the Lake
Father and Son Fishing
River front camping

The main lake is great for relaxing on raft or jumping off a cliff for a thrill.  There are four platforms to jump off, all at different heights.  The tallest is 10 meters. 


We have multiple floating docks on the lake so you can relax and watch others cliff diving. 

There is also a great rope-swing and two zip-lines on the main lake that all our visitors love. 


The main lake is utilized for scuba diving.  There is a school bus, boat, car, motorcycle, and other objects that have been sunk in the lake for scuba divers to explore.  


We have multiple campsites throughout the property that offer amazing views of the lakes and the Flat Rock River.  Each campsite has a fire pit and a picnic table.


There are two lakes dedicated to fishing.  One lake has been stocked with channel catfish to provide a great fishing experience for you.  There is a five fish limit and two pole limit per person.  Fishing sessions are 12 hours.