Our rules are set to maintain a safe, family friendly environment.  Other rules may apply that are not listed.
  • We reserve the right to search vehicles, bags, coolers, and other belongings to enforce our rules & regulations
  • Alcohol, drugs, and firearms are not permitted in the park
  • No free swimming (more info below)
  • No water wings for children
  • No pets or emotional support dogs.  Service dogs are allowed
  • No foul language or disrespect towards other customers or staff
  • Guests may only jump from designated platforms
  • No loud or vulgar music
  • No food, drinks, or smoking on water or docks
  • No fast or reckless driving through the park
  • No cutting, carving, or damaging trees
  • No fireworks
  • No ATV/UTVs or motorized watercraft
  • All visitors must fill out liability waiver before entering
  • If any rules are broken, you may be asked to leave and no refunds
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

no alcohol

Alcohol is not permitted in the park.  If alcohol or drugs are discovered, the whole group will be asked to leave with NO REFUND, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Life Jackets

Required for 12 years old and under. Recommended for all.  Water is deep.

*If a life jacket is required it must be worn properly at all times.  If not, you will be asked to leave.

Water wings are not allowed.

Rent a life jacket for $3/day or bring your own.  Life jackets must be US Coast Guard approved and fit properly.

Floats Required

No free swimming allowed.  All swimmers must have a flotation device (raft, tube, swim noodle, life jacket, etc.) 1 device per person.

This is not a pool.  Water is deep. 

Floats are not required if going off a jump, zip-line, or rope swing and exiting the water immediately.


Swimming dock to dock without a float is not allowed. 


Swimming & Diving

  • One person at a time off all jumps, zip-lines, and rope swing

  • Must make sure landing area is clear before entering the water

  • No pushing off platforms or on docks

  • You may only jump from designated platforms only

  • Stay in pairs at all times

  • No horseplay

  • No foul language

  • Do not fake an injury or emergency

  • No running on docks

  • No food, drinks, coolers, or smoking on docks or in the water

  • Know your abilities

*Any dangerous actions or violations of rules may result in eviction of the park with no refund, no exceptions. 


  • Quiet hours: 10:30pm - 9am

  • Do not move fire rings

  • Do not put cans or trash in fire rings

  • 8 people/3 tent max per site

  • Non-campers must leave by 6:30pm

  • No generators allowed

  • Must dispose of trash in dumpsters

  • No driving through park after 10:30pm

  • Do not place grills on picnic tables

  • No loud or vulgar music

Camp Fires

  • Only build fires in fire rings

  • Do not move fire rings

  • Do not put cans or trash in fire rings

  • You are responsible for keeping fires under control