10 & up: $15 Mon-Fri

$20 Sat, Sun, & Holidays

6-9 yrs old: $12 everyday

5 & under: FREE everyday

*Includes full access to swimming lake

*Paid each day in park, regardless if swimming or not


Sites: $35/night (2 adults)

Additional guests: $15/night

Kids camp free with their parents. Kids without a parent are $15/night

Camping fee does not include swimming

*Park Admission is required for day before or after camping (or both depending on check-in time and days in park


$15 Mon-Fri

$20 Sat, Sun, & Holidays

(per person)

*By appointment only. No diving during swimming hours

*Must be certified

*No solo diving

*We do not rent gear or fill tanks

Try scuba

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$15 Mon-Fri

$20 Sat, Sun, & Holidays

(per person)

*12 hour session, 2 pole limit, 5 catch limit


“Awesome Awesome place ..I've been going here since I was a very very little kid.  I am 33 years old and still go here.  They keep making it better and better every year!  We recommend it to anyone!"

“I have been going to White Rock Park since I was 11 and this summer I took my 9 & 10 yr olds and they love it as much as me!”

“It was awesome! We went with a group of friends and had a blast! I'm grateful for people like the owners who share their little piece of paradise with the rest of us!”